Colourful Science Day

On Thursday 14th March 2019 we celebrated British Science Week by holding a “Colourful Science Day”. Despite the day being a little wet and windy, all of the students got into the spirit of things and had fun experimenting with science and art.

Colourful Science Day

The students enjoyed watching metal salts change the colour of the flames in the fire, exploring the science behind fireworks.

They saw centrifugal forces at work in their spin art paintings, using the aptly named “Spinny-Paint-Thingy-2000” (or rather a lazy susan attached to a wooden board), and found a palette of colours in nature.

Colourful Science Day Experiments

Students also investigated separating inks using chromatography, reflecting on how this might be used to investigate fibres found at crime scenes. They then watched as coloured water travelled from one beaker to another via capillary action through some kitchen paper, creating a rainbow of mixed colours.

Running Deer School

At Running Deer School, we work with students from a wide range of educational backgrounds, so it was great to see them all getting involved with the activities. One student, who has faced many barriers to accessing formal education, was really inspired by what was on offer and engaged with the Science Day in a way we have not witnessed before.

For me, this was a really proud moment, and gave the student an opportunity to demonstrate to us all what he was capable of. It is the moments like this that make my job even more rewarding.

Sadly, the weather was against us for doing the final planned activity of mixing dyes and tie-dying t-shirts … hopefully we will be able to blog about this later in the year!


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