What else happens in a woodland?

In Butterdon Wood, the home of Running Deer CIC, we don’t just limit our activities to running around, bush craft and fires. We also do arts and crafts!

These can be using what people can find naturally in the woods (Leaves, bark, mud, clay) or other items man made (paracord, pens, paper, wool). This allows the kids and adults to work on short or long term projects, as easy or as hard as they would like.

What else happens in a woodland?

Lots and lots! Some of the arts and crafts that have recently been done are:

  • A paracord survival bracelet- This was made by one of the students. He was shown step by step of how to make this wonderful bracelet. He started by picking the colours and the design. The way of connecting the cords together and starting the bracelet was next before letting him do the rest of the bracelet with the stitch he had chosen and been taught. He successfully made this bracelet and then started to help the other adult who was also making one.
  • Posters- Another student made a poster on world coins. He brass rubbed the different coins on to a large piece of paper before writing which country they were from. This was a very colourful and educational poster for him and everyone to use.
  • Bag decorations using wool and embroidery floss- One of the girls decide that she needed a new style for her bag, she did this by getting different colours of wool and embroidery floss to make plates and then she plated them on her bag to make her own masterpiece.

These are just some examples of what people have beautifully made at Running Deer. It’s not all about the running around, it’s sometimes about the chilling and relaxing to have the most amount of fun.


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