Mainstream education

Day Respite at Running Deer CIC

I have experience in mainstream education from various perspectives: Governor of a primary school, as well as working with students in an Exeter secondary school and associate lecturer at Exeter College. So I have witnessed first hand how many children, these days, struggle with the rigidity of the curriculum and general structure of the school day, not to mention how difficult it is for children to receive the attention that they need in a class of 30 or usually more.

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Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins, running Deer CIC

Halloween at Running Deer is always a great time of the year with plenty of activities for our young people to get involved in. Its the time of year when we can collect sweet chestnuts for roasting, enjoy kicking up the leaves that have turned beautiful autumnal colours and dropped to the ground, tell scary stories, make toffee apples (an onions) and carve pumpkins.

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