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A Tank Drivers Tale – Dave’s Story

My name is David, formerly of 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, where I was a Driver of the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

I have taken part in Batus Canada the largest exercise in the world and countless other exercises in the United Kingdom. I have taken part in Ceremonial Parades for the Regiment as well as Herrick 18 in Afghanistan where I was shot in the head by an enemy Sniper while on top cover of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle, the Warthog.

Since the injury to my head and brain I haven’t found it easy to engage with others, be sociable and was quite content being alone in my house.

I heard about this course through military contacts, and before I could find a reason not to go and do it, I was in the woods with others that have been through similar situations as mine! In a none clinical and nurturing environment I was able to finally find some grounding for my PTSD and other ailments that I thought would be the end of me; being able to function properly again physically or within a group dynamic.

The past 8 weeks have been a real eye opener in what I can do and achieve, and the team at Running Deer have really helped me massively in my recovery. Although I won’t be 100% I no longer feel as if I’m left by the wayside…I’m able to contribute again.

I see the Courses for Forces programme as a necessary scheme helping injured personnel coming to Running Deer and experiencing everything they have to offer!


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