Support Courses for Forces

Support Courses for Forces – our project working with and supporting transitioning and former service personnel is currently funded until April 2015.

So far we have seen the majority of our students go on to find work in civvy street. We have also created employment for two of our students who, having completed our mentoring programme, have gone on to support young people who are disengaged and at risk of exclusion.

This has brought an unexpected but very exciting new element to Running Deer and the other work that we do.

Each course costs £1499.95 per student and includes qualifications in:

  • Activity (outdoor) First Aid Level 2.
  • First Aid in the Workplace Level 3.
  • Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross cut licence.
  • Chainsaw Small Tree Felling licence.
  • Leadership and Mentoring training.

Plus we have been fortunate to be able to offer additional courses: Chipper training and Forestry and Arboriculture Level 2 (subject to availability). They also receive:

  • Certificate of completion at the end of the course.
  • A set of tools.

PLUS 8 weeks full time practical training in:

  • Carpentry and green woodworking including: tool use, selecting wood, rip sawing, splitting and cleaving, hewing, chisels, using a shave horse and pole lathe, designing and completing their own woodwork project.
  • Woodland management including: coppicing, coppice crafts such as hurdle making or charcoal burning, tree felling, timber processing, tree planting, tree and plant identification, conservation including introduction to working with heavy horses in a woodland environment
  • Linear boundary management including: traditional hedge laying, stone walling and waterways managment

The programmes are making a huge difference to veterans lives including Jim and Dave who both have physical injuries as well as PTSD, and Steve a former Marine, who is partially sighted and now has a FULL TIME job!

Support Courses for Forces

The work we do, the people we support, and the organisations we work with, have had a massive positive impact on not only those participating individuals, but the communities in which we work and live.

Please support this fantastic project and help us to empower our heroes to make a difference to their own lives, and that of others.

Donations can be made through LOCAL GIVING or sent by cheque made out to Running Deer C.I.C and posted to us.

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