A new home for our horses, Running Deer CIC

It became apparent at the end of last year that we needed a new home for our horses. Trelawny, Cisco and Mario are part of our Equine Assisted Learning team.

Equine Assisted Learning or Intervention is an important part of the work we do at Running Deer CIC. It has a positive impact on the students who work with our horses.

Over the years we had always rented fields from local land owners or livery yards which was not ideal. We could also no longer run adult Rural Skills Courses at Butterdon Wood due to safeguarding issues that had been identified.

We would need a new home for our horses – a second site!

Finding a new home

Finding a new home for our horses would be a challenge, given our growing list of requirements!

Driving home one summer’s night last year we came across the ideal location. 14 acres of fields, 4 acres of woodland and an agricultural barn, all within close proximity to Buterdon Wood. It’s funny how things happen.

Big Issue Invest

Once again we contacted Big Issue Invest and were delighted when they agreed to help, arranging a mortgage to purchase the land. We made our offer, completed at the end of November 2018 and moved our horses into their new home shortly after.

Help support the Big Issue

Without the support and belief of Big Issue Invest we would not be here today. They give us the opportunity to fulfil our dreams, support and empower others.

If you see a Big Issue Vendor on the street, consider our story and how Big Issue Invest supports social enterprises such as us – Running Deer CIC. Maybe you could buy a copy of the Big Issue and help the vendor?

Don’t forget…with your help we can continue to rise to the challenge of finding innovative, sustainable solutions to the UK’s biggest social problems.

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