Birthday Parties at Running Deer CIC

Running Deer Birthday Parties offer you and your friends a fantastic time in Butterdon Wood building dens, making fire and having fun! On our latest birthday party a bright and sunny day welcomed our guests to Butterdon Wood. The birthday boy and his friends arrived full of enthusiasm…keen to show off the Ferro Rods (also known as flint and steel) they had brought with them.

Brian our Bushcraft Instructor and myself introduced Running Deer, explaining to the group about the range of activities we provide and how to use tools and equipment safely in the woods. They had lots of questions for Brian to answer!

Building a Den in the woods

We gathered supplies and tools needed…following Brian into the woods to build the dens. Everyone was excited and keen to get started; Brian and myself said that if they were lucky, we might even see the Fallow Deer that come to Butterdon Wood…..but given the noise they were making we knew this wasn’t going to happen!

All of the boys listened to what they would need to build their dens, then went about gathering the wood and roofing materials.

Brian showed them the best place to build the den or shelter….demonstrating his knowledge and woodland skills.

The boys completed their dens, having fun but admitting it was harder than Bear Grylls makes it look on TV!

Starting a Fire

After refreshments…juice, crisps and cake…the boys grabbed their Ferro rods, ready to complete the next challenge…making a fire!

Brian explained about the ‘Fire Triangle’ which consists of Fuel, Air and Heat; plus the materials they’d need to catch the spark from their Ferro rods. He made it look easy, a couple of strikes and the fire was smouldering,wisps of smoke signalled his tinder was alight.

It was then the turn of the boys, gathering the tinder, dry bracken, twigs and moss they’d need for their individual fires. Sparks flew from their Ferro rods and some got their fires going…..not as easy as it looks!

Brian pointed out that with patience, time and a bit of luck they would soon learn the knack of lighting fire.

Bushcraft Birthday Parties

Bushcraft Birthday Parties are clearly a great day out for kids of all ages with Running Deer in Butterdon Wood.

When it was time to go, the boys all agreed they’d had a great time and lots of fun! They thanked us as they were picked up by their parents and said it was a great way to spend a birthday with their friends.

Brian and I enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing you soon on your birthday!


Jane is one of Running Deer’s Case Workers working with young people at risk of exclusion.

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