A Blustery Sunday

It was a very blustery day, this Sunday. The metal shed outside being blown against the steps, windows rattled, trees swaying outside the windows.

We had not been out as of yet, luckily a neighbour sent a text on the community whatsapp group! “we’re going kite flying In the field”… A grumpy Dad herded two boys into coats and wellies and took a ball for catch… We wondered up the hill and practised our fine motor skills whilst waiting for our lovely neighbours… They arrived, then my other half – big child like grin on her face as she loped up the hill.

The kinda basic kite kept folding over… but eventually – it took flight! The boys had a go, then went for a swing on the rope wing, we watched over Exeter with trees below the hills swaying dramatically in the strong winds!

“Do you know what a widow maker is son?” I asked my eldest, looking up in a nearby tree was a lighter branch, broken off in a previous storm, hanging on it’s “Y” on another branch – swaying in the wind, waiting to make a widow should the opportunity present itself!

It can seem counter intuitive sometimes when the elements are giving the good green earth a battering, to decide to go out in them! I read a while ago – a top tip, on how to live life well. Basically that every day there is an opportunity to make a choice, a choice for adventure – it can be little, but it is enlivening! Look for those moments (or so I read)

There is a resistance that builds up in us (me), though comfort and ease of our modern living, that makes it so easy to stay inside (or at least for me, is it the case for you?), if we listen to that comfort, that no to adventure too often, before we know it we may be house bound out of poor habit.

I’m gonna try to remember to find an adventurous option… each day!


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