A day on Dartmoor, view from Bellever Tor, Running Deer CIC

One of the best resources we have at Running Deer is the vast wild expanse that is Dartmoor. It’s full of features of interest, ranging from geological to archaeological, providing a wealth of subjects for our student to engage with.

On a glorious sunny day in June (which happened to be the summer solstice) we took one of our students off–site up to the moor outside Postbridge and walked to Bellever Tor with two of the dogs. Our student was a good walker and enjoyed having the dogs there so was very relaxed and in good spirits. We kept up a good pace and chatted about a wide range of subjects both topical and personal.

View from Bellever Tor

We got to the Tor in no time and the view was amazing being such a clear sunny day. We could see Princetown in the distance and HMP Dartmoor within, which we talked about at length including the purpose and usefulness of prisons.

Closer at hand, on another part of the Tor, people were celebrating the solstice with chanting/singing and dancing which he thought was both interesting and amusing

We ate lunch up on the Tor then continued on our walk returning to Egor the Land Rover via a circular route continuing our discussions about life, the universe and other matters, stopping for ice cream in Postbridge on the way back. Just what was needed to round off our outing!

So our simple walk on the moor managed to include fresh air, physical exercise, interacting with animals, engaging with the general public, natural history, man made history, discussion about prisons and their function, paganism and alternative religions/religious tolerance and a heated debate about which flavour of ice cream is the best!


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