A day with B - Running Deer

Leading up to the Christmas break, I spent every Monday working with B.

She had spoken out on a couple of occasions that she had a lot going on and wasn’t in the right frame of mind for learning, so we would have a walk into Moretonhampstead, grab some lunch, have a chat and a swing in the park and then head back to school later on in the day.

So on the last day of term before the break which happened to be a Friday I was excited to find out I was going to be working with B and I was definitely right to be as it turned out we would have more fun than usual…

A day with B

She came into school in a good mood and immediately asked if we could do our usual routine of heading into town, so we made sure we had everything we needed and took our normal woodland route.

As soon as we got into Moretonhampstead we went straight to the co-op so she could pick up some food and snacks and then headed straight to the park. We spent around an hour hanging out on the swings together, talking about our favourite music, our family and just general life chat like we usually did.

It started to rain so B asked if we could have a look in the church, we explored the stain glass windows, lit a candle for lost loved ones and B even pretended to give a speech.

We then decided to take a slow walk back to Running Deer. Usually we would stop at the bottom of the big hill and B would ALWAYS ask if we could roll downtown to which I always said yes but when it came down to it she never did. So we get to the hill and as I expected she turns to me:

  • B- “can we roll down the hill today”
  • S-“Yes of course we can but you might get wet as it’s very rainy”
  • B- “I’m not bothered that it’s raining, it’s the last day of term so it’s fine if I get a bit wet”

I was shocked that she actually decided to do it this time especially as it was raining heavily and normally she is always worried about her hair, constantly stopping to brush it.

We both left our back packs at the bottom of the hill and hiked up to the top. We lay down on the cold wet grass, I counted down… “3,2,1 ROLL”

We laughed and laughed as we rolled at a decent speed down the hill. I stumbled up off the ground and instantly felt ill, head spinning!

  • S- “ that was sooo fun but I feel really sick now”
  • B- “I loved that, can I go again?”

She went up and down more times than I can remember, part of me wanted to tell her to stop as it was pouring down and she was soaking wet but I couldn’t do it.. it was just so amazing seeing her enjoying herself, laughing and having fun without worrying about her appearance.

  • B- “ do you think I am sad for doing this”
  • S-“ absolutely not, it’s great to see you so relaxed and enjoying life”
  • B- “I feel like a little kid again”

We both smiled and laughed the whole way back to school despite being freezing and wet. Once she got into her taxi at home time, I watched her drive away, still smiling. I felt so proud and pleased I got to see a complete different side to her personality.

Thanks B for giving me permission to write my blog about this amazing day we shared together.


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