A Land Rovers work is never done

A Land Rovers work is never done…

The snow arrived towards the end of January and with it the usual chaos of icy roads, abandoned cars and accidents. Egor, our trusty Land Rover, is crucial to Running Deer during inclement weather such as snow. Even though our school was closed, there are still horses to feed, water to collect and hard feed to purchase.

We don’t like closing for snow. We are a hardy bunch who enjoy the odd snowball fight. But when all the roads are closed and no-one can get in, much less our students, we have no choice. Only Egor made it in to work.

The last three days have seen significant snow fall, followed by freezing nights and ice making the lanes tricky. The main roads have been ploughed but there is still black ice around so care is needed.

But the horses still have to be fed. And the odd member of staff to rescue!

All weather, all terrain tyres

The new all weather, all terrain, tyres we fitted to Egor before Christmas have proven to be excellent, coping easily with all the road conditions. Getting to the horses twice a day has not been a problem.

We also had to go on a mission to help a member of staff with a flat battery. Although he lives in an isolated village we got through easily and helped him to jump start his car. On the way back we had to negotiate sheet ice, fallen trees and snow but Egor made it through with no problem at all.


Older Land Rovers are expensive to keep on the road, and Egor is no exception. At 24 years old Egor has spent a fair bit of time in the garage…. just as well the parts are reasonably priced!

Without Egor we would have been in a real fix. The horses are in our care and their welfare is our responsibility. They have to be fed and watered, and it falls to me, and trusty Egor to get there when it’s snowing.

It’s nearly time to set off again in Egor to see the horses and give them their afternoon feeds. Two containers of water are in the back, plus a shovel and straps for emergencies. Not forgetting some carrots and apples for our four legged friends.

The sun has been on the roads melting the ice and the it’s definitely warmer.

Until the next snow storm!

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