I work at Running Deer

I have worked at Running Deer for close to six weeks at the time of writing this, there are many challenges which we are all faced with on a day to day basis which could take its toll but I couldn’t be happier and I would like to explain why.

First of all I couldn’t think of a more beautiful location for a school to be in, set under a canopy of tree’s with the most amazing views reaching for miles just a minutes walk away. There are no great big fences or gates which border many schools, just fields and nature. With typical noises being the occasional rumble of a tractor in the distance or the rustling of leaves it is the perfect environment for children to be calm and engaged in learning.

The children that attend the school are fantastic they are funny, cheeky and so capable of achieving their full potential. Having the opportunity to support them in this is one of the most rewarding things that I can think of. Every child I have worked with has rewarded with me each day by accomplishing something or overcoming one of the many challenges they face.

Finally my colleagues are just amazing, every member of staff brings their own expertise, knowledge and experiences. For me this is what really makes Running Deer a fantastic place to work, even in terrible weather or after a challenging day I think that it is amazing that we can all come together and share our experiences and support each other.

From the first smile in the morning to the last goodbye at the end of the day there is just a positive attitude and genuine care for each other’s wellbeing.

In my short time here I feel that this is one of the most rewarding jobs that I have ever had and look forward to each day, rain or shine.


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