Adjusting to the new normal

As the country eases itself out of lockdown I think we all know it won’t be straight to business as usual. These are difficult times for business and families alike, it’s certainly not how I envisioned spending my spring and summer of 2020.

The majority of the country wait with anticipation to find out what the government will say next, and what advice they will have for keeping ourselves and our families safe.

Adjusting to the new normal

Running Deer has and continues to keep a close eye on government guidance, and when the decision was made to partially open again we looked closely at the guidelines and set to work putting procedures in place to keep the students and staff safe.

I think the students and other staff will agree with me when I say adjusting to the ‘new normal’ felt strange at first.

We were all happy to see each other and had to pull ourselves back from a welcoming hand shake or hi 5. That being said for the majority of us the new routines are now second nature.

While we have limitations on how we would normally operate its still rather liberating being back in the woods, and somewhat comforting to see QCP hang his head in disappointment at my football skills or KD rolling her eyes at my rubbish jokes like they did before the pandemic.

The students seem happy to be back (my dad jokes even got a couple of laughs for a change) and our teaching staff have said they have been turning out some fantastic work from home.

Now we are back in the woods we can aid the students with their learning and also get them some much needed outdoor nature time for their emotional well being.

We will continue to follow Government advice in order to keep everyone safe and do the best by our students for their education and well being.

Stay Safe


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