Caring for our animals

Whilst the whole country seems to be holding its breath at the moment, the responsibilities of running a business, and more importantly caring for our animals doesn’t change.

Caring for our animals

Lock down or not, the horses need to be fed and watered twice a day, the barn poo picked, and at this time of year the fields need chain harrowing, fences needs moving, repairing and putting up, and somehow the horses still need to be exercised.

Following guidance from the police and British Horse Society, the horses are not being exercised as they usually would around the lanes and on the common.

Trelawny and King would normally go out together accompanied by two or ideally 3 adults as King can be a handful at times. Obviously with social distancing it’s simply not possible for staff to get together to exercise the horses. And there could be the argument that exercising field kept horses is not essential.

Reinstating the track system after winter has naturally given the two big chaps more exercise. They have to follow the track into the top field to find grazing, which in itself is a track around our newly planted broadleaf woodland.

I have had Trelawny in harness with the intention of getting him back into work to chain harrow the field… Trelawny had other ideas, however, and was way too excited to be able to anything as sensible as work!

But harnessing him up and long reining him around the fields is a good idea as it gives him focus and he does enjoy it.

I am not sure if King has ever been in harness, not that Trelawny’s would fit him anyway. King, a Suffolk Punch X may only be 16.2hh but he looks bigger than Trelawny – he is definitely wider in the shoulder and neck!

King quite likes following humans around, so I can play with him a bit and encourage movement that way. Both the biggies play together which is great to see.

As for the ponies…now that the weather is warming up the grass is starting to grow so it’s an absolute priority to restrict their grazing, especially with Mario having a bout of laminitis last year.

So their track system will be installed over the next fews days, creating movement and limiting grazing… although they would all tell you they are half starved and wafer thin as they stare expectantly on whilst I feed the big guys in the evening.

I think not Cisco!


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