A day on Dartmoor, view from Bellever Tor, Running Deer CIC

At Running Deer, we work with young people with a range of needs and prior educational experiences. A number of our young people have mental health issues, which is one of the reasons they are at Running Deer as we can provide space, fresh air, and they can work in the woods and with our animals.

In addition to this, we wanted to develop a more formal curriculum to help the students’ gain a better understanding of their own emotions and work on maintaining good mental health.

This was no small feat, because of our students’ different individual needs and starting points … so the Running Deer Emotional Curriculum was put in motion.

Running Deer’s Emotional Curriculum

Running Deer’s Emotional Curriculum has been an exciting exercise in collaborative working, drawing on the experience and expertise of staff with different backgrounds.

We have built a curriculum that can start at the point of naming emotions, working through developing skills of self reflection and empathy, to building their own individual self-help toolkit. It has measurable outcomes and students can start at any point, not just the very beginning.

There are story books to support our younger students, activities which incorporate many different ways of learning, links to working with animals as well as other people, and elements of involving all the senses.

This new curriculum was introduced at the beginning of this term… watch this space for updates!


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