Egor, Land Rover Defender 110

Our trusty Land Rover Defender 110

Egor our trusty Land Rover Defender 110, at 23 years old has been due a makeover for some time… but with ongoing maintenance and replacing tired parts finding the money to sort out the bodywork and a respray has been low on the priority of jobs to do.

Finding the time to take Egor off the road is always challenging as well. It is used daily to check on the Running Deer horses and transporting Wulf our therapy dog, staff and students. So organising another vehicle to replace it whilst in the bodyshop has its own problems. Fortunately the school minibus was available to take up the slack whilst Egor was at the bodyshop.

Finally Egor has had its makeover… and what a difference a bit of TLC, time in a bodyshop and a respray makes!  The guys at Roundabout and Moxham garage in Yelverton have done an excellent job in repairing the dented panels and restoring the tired paintwork. We decided to stick with its original colour of Epsom green, although some of the staff thought orange would be better.

After the bodyshop it was time for Egor to be rebranded with our new logo and web address. It looks fantastic – and of course we had to put Egor’s name back on the front wing!

For those who wonder why our Land Rover is called Egor….. when we purchased it back in 2014 it came down from Gloucestershire – a slow journey home with no radio! So, I wanted to give it a name but couldn’t think of anything until I was home… it was a relief to be back and that was when the name came to me…..”Egor”….. because “the Egor has landy-ied”.  Sorry its an awful pun but I had to do something to occupy my mind whilst driving home on the motorway.

It’s good to have Egor back, shiny and rebranded…. it wont stay clean for long once it starts raining and mud gets everywhere! For everyone who sees the Running Deer Land Rover out and about – check our our website and find out a bit more about Running Deer CIC and what we do.

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