First Impressions, Running Deer CIC

After following my sat nav down a series of narrow country lanes, I arrived at beautiful woodland with a sign saying ‘Running Deer’ on the gate. I was greeted by Joanna, who took me on a tour of the place.

My first impression was what a magical, warm and welcoming setting I’d arrived at. Staff and students were gathered by the fire, and everyone was quick to greet me and ask my name.

Walking around with a Joanna, I saw children helping build the fire, playing in the woods, working in a classroom with a tutor, and one very excited child who had found a billhook using a metal detector. This had sparked a conversation about farming practices and farming history, showing how truly child-led the experiences at Running Deer would be.

After I visited, I knew I’d apply for the job and that I’d found somewhere truly special to work… fingers crossed they would have me!


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