Candlesnuff Fungus, Fungi, Running Deer

I began planning for my monthly blog searching throughout the woods for inspiration. My initial intention was to capture photographs, detailing the woods at this ever changing time of year.

This was until I became sidetracked, admiring the massive array of fungi that we have at the Butterdon site.


Fungi are the fruits of mycelia or underground webs, and are connected throughout the whole of Running Deer’s home Butterdon Wood.

Fungi at Running Deer

Learning about edible, and dangerous mushrooms and toadstools have been on my to-do list for a long while, and leading a busy life, one thing I just hadn’t got around to.

Fungi in Butterdon Wood, Running Deer

Once I had got my eye in and spotted one, I realised they were everywhere!

Amethyst Deceiver Fungi Running Deer

Yellow Staghorn Fungus Running Deer

Common Stinkhorn Fungi, Running Deer

Some of the finds include:

  • Dead mans fingers
  • Common Stinkhorn
  • Yellow staghorn fungus
  • Beefsteak fungus
  • Wood Blewitt
  • Larch Bolete mushroom
  • Velvet shank
  • Beard lichen
  • Amethyst Deceiver
  • Candlesnuff fungus

Enjoy the photographs! Oh and a bad joke to end the blog.

‘Why are mushrooms great at parties?’ . . . Because they are ‘fun guys’


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