Funny Moments at Running Deer School

My day at Running Deer School is full of funny moments. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh (or at least trying to).

A quick Google later and I can tell you that laughing is actually thought to be good for your health, it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and works the abdominal muscles. Now I’m not saying that staff at Running Deer all have 6 packs but our abs do certainly get a work out every day.

Funny Moments

So a few funny moments.

In the last few days of the summer holidays we had a training day, this was the first time all of the staff had been together since I had started. We were asked to come up with a unique skill in small groups, whilst discussing this it was suggested that a member of staff do the worm (the dance move).

Confidently the member of staff launched himself high into the air and down onto his hands, at this point I was impressed his form looked good. Little did anyone know that the member of staff couldn’t actually do the worm and his arms gave up straight away and his chin met the floor.

At Christmas the older students had planned to make Christmas dinner for everyone, they had planned and prepared everything themselves. The food, decorations, cooking rota and venue. Unfortunately when we arrived at the venue, what looked like it was an oven, actually turned out to be a hot cupboard.

Luckily a local pub agreed to cook all our oven foods but we had to cook the veg ourselves. The dinner was delicious (really it was) but we did have to cook carrots and sprouts in a large kettle and the parsnips were microwaved and shallow fried, so Christmas was saved after all.

In this last paragraph there are a few phrases that some of our students like to say. Hopefully this blog has been absolute content mate, well at least that’s what she said. I hope that you and your mum have enjoyed reading it #Secrets.
Disclaimer: No one was seriously hurt or suffered any illness.

Thanks for reading.


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