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Currently 1540 people in Devon are homeless or are in temporary accommodation.

My career prior to joining Running Deer was in Children’s Residential Care, a challenging but rewarding role, connected to this job was a statistic that I recently came across. It was that one in four care leavers end up homeless by the time they turn 18, this means that for me personally that 6 of the 24 young people I have supported will end up isolated and sleeping rough, this figure scares me.

I decided to do what I could to help, now with a young family regular time is difficult to set aside, and I wanted to experience a brief aspect of it. So I signed up to a local charity sleep out in Exeter.

Helping the homeless

The sleep out was a planned event, and was an eyeopener. It was uncomfortable on my cardboard and concrete mattress, but I wasn’t with the fear or anxiety that I was unsafe, something that rough sleepers constantly feel. The charity that I completed this event for was Julian House, who provide outreach to socially excluded rough sleepers to get them off the streets as quickly as possible, and overall the event raised nearly £10,000 for the charity!

Running Deer School and the C.I.C have close links and support from The Big Issue, an amazing support network for people in and out of homelessness. You may be interested to know that Running Deer have even managed to make the recent ‘100 greatest changemakers’ edition! The C.I.C has over the years provided structure and focus to local people who have been long term unemployed.

I am very proud that together we have managed to raise over £250 so far, I want to send a massive thank you to all the awesome and generous people who have donated. If you would like to donate my JustGiving site is below.



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