How and what to think?

Many things in life tell us what to think, maybe learning *how to think* is AS or even MORE important?

How and what to think?

I remember reading Neal Donald Walsh’s book (a conversation with god) as a relatively young man.Some of the book made sense, some of it less so.

One of the things that really rang true to me; he talked about education, and used the subject of history as an example of a better way; as opposed to looking at a particular event in history from one perspective, learning dates and what happened from a singular point of view… what we could be doing – is finding multiple perspectives to study the event from, to try and gain as complete a picture of what happened.

THEN with the benefit of hindsight and study the class could debate if this was the beset course of action for this historic event? Or if maybe there was a better path to take.

This would make history more than the study of dates and information retention, although if even only on that plane of thinking and understanding – a deeper level would still be gained!

I think there is a hack available to use in what he wrote. In these strange times, with often conflicting versions of events, fake news, hysteria and division all around us on media – social and conventional.

We could use similar principles for use in navigating the day to day of ones life, the News cycle or whatever. The practice of seeking multiple (often contradictory) sources of information, and then debating (or in my world, using our critical thinking, heart and gut feeling) to determine what resonates as most true to us on multiple levels!

We must of course be aware of our own personal history / programming / behavioural patterns which might predispose us in a particular direction or response…. as well as compassionately holding the tendency of humans to resist new (or counter to the self held) perspectives!

IF we can do that, I believe enhanced sense making and ultimately orientating our lives around a sense of truth that comes from inside us – becomes ever more possible.


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