Is Childhood in crisis?

During this time of reflection, where we are all at home to protect each other, and the NHS, I have spent time thinking about Childhood. The question in the blog title was put to me in a short course from the Open University.

Is Childhood in crisis?

What does the ideal childhood look like for our children?

Everyone has differing opinions, my opinion for my children is that it is about having freedom, loads of fun, being outdoors, having positive role models whilst learning about, and being kind. At Running Deer in all of our practise we try to achieve all of my opinions, and more!

But, what does this question mean to you and your children?

What was your childhood full of? And what is different currently. compared to the past?

My childhood was full of making dens, playing chase, tag, cricket and football in the street with local friends. I asked my mother, some of you may know her name, what age I was able to play in the street?

The answer was 7/8, however many parents now are of the opinion that this is too young, the streets aren’t as safe as they were, and I even saw that many parents would not let their children out by themselves until the age of 12.

So is it childhood in crisis? or could it adulthood? Times have moved on technologically since I was child, internet is faster, travel is faster, gaming has moved from the pixelated sonic, to 4K ultra high definition. Children may well be more tech obsessed, but if some adults aren’t letting them out until they are 12, what can we expect?

What has changed to promote this parental thinking? Is it that society has changed exponentially since the 90s, and therefore no longer safe? Or are we overthinking?

I know from my research, and my forest school qualification that the benefit of positive risk taking far outweighs the dangers in the risk.some research can be found at the below link if you are interested in further reading on the subject.

In this fast paced world many parents are working long hours, paying bills, leading busy social lives. The lock down has meant that the world has slowed down and started to reflect.

So what do you think, is childhood in crisis? Stay safe, I look forward to seeing you all soon.


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