Temperature dropping, John Muir Award

The temperature at Running Deer has dropped this week, out come the gloves, woolly hats and extra layers. These cold periods allow for time to sit, and watch the nature we have around us here at Butterdon Wood. Animals are easier to spot, as they spend their time working hard to find food, and keep energy and food stores stocked up in preparation for Winter.

John Muir Award

A wildlife corridor, bug hotels, animal feeding stations and native tree planting are all ideas that young people have discussed with me. The young people are at the beginning of their journey on the John Muir award.

The award focuses on four main criteria, with the first being finding a wild place, which luckily is not too much of a challenge at Running Deer. Then the young people will explore the wild place. This is then followed by practical conservation work, and sharing their stories and findings.

This will be the second group that I have assisted through the award, and I am eager to get started with making improvements to our site for our inhabitants!


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