Keeping Positive at Running Deer

So as you are all aware of the mad situation going on in the world right now I won’t bore you with the details because like me I’m sure you’re all trying to get away from it.

Keeping Positive

This blog is a little different from my usual ones where I tend to talk about things that have happened at Running Deer but today I decided to write something to try and keep everyone’s spirits up a little and talk about how I am keeping myself positive and busy during my time stuck indoors.

Firstly, remember that this won’t last forever and things ARE going to get better (this also applies to every day general worries) Secondly, try and keep a routine going as much as you can which means waking up early, having some breakfast and then getting dressed and ready for the day even if you can’t leave the house.

The sun is shining and has been since the last day at Running Deer….finally it’s not Baltic. So get out in the garden for some fresh air and maybe even take part in some solo or family exercising time which is a great way to keep your focus and to stay fit!.

Just because school is closed, that shouldn’t mean giving up on your learning either. You are all amazingly smart and talented and I know you’re all more than capable of getting done some of the work you took home with you. I know I know I can already hear you all telling me “I’m not doing that” but you might actually enjoy it.

When was the last time you said you wanted to try something new but never had the time? Well now since time is all we have, why not trying to learn a new skill? YouTube has a tutorial for literally anything from how to create a new hair style to how to fix a broken bike.

If you don’t fancy that then you can always use your time to do something you’re already passion about like a hobby you haven’t done in a while. For me, drawing is something I have been spending a lot of my free time doing ( as well as online training of course!) as I find it so therapeutic and I forgot how much I love it.

It’s always a hard time not being able to see your loved ones and give them a hug but with technology making it so easy nowadays there’s no excuse not to FaceTime or call your grandma, aunt, cousins or friends. This can help you feel less isolated and lonely; giving you the chance to still see their faces and cheer them up too as they may be struggling too.

I really really miss being outdoors in the woods with you guys but I know I will get to see you all soon but for the moment stay safe, keep positive, keep fit and most importantly keep smiling.

Here are some links to a couple of cool YouTube tutorials: – (may need adult supervision)


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