Leanne's story, My Fear of Horses

Here at Running Deer it’s not just about teaching the students, It’s about great social interaction, sharing experiences and making a difference.

I have found it amazing that not only can I make a difference to others lives, but that they can also help me. What I would call “real two way interaction”.

My fear of horses

One of our students looks after a horse. I had a fear of horses due to a bad experience as a child.

During conversation with the student we happen to talk about horses and my fear. This seemed to bring a connection and they were really happy to want help me overcome my fear.

Over the course of a month the student was fantastic, going through things step by step to help me understand horses and to make me comfortable around them.

This was shared learning, I never thought I would get over my fear of horses, but this has now be cured thanks to the brilliance and belief in the student. I am so happy the student has developed great skills working with people and not being frightened to help.

I have been able to interact in a shared experience with many students who enjoy looking after the horses. The environment horses provide is very calm and on this journey, the students have told me how horses sense human emotions, have talked me through much of the equipment used, feeding habits and how a horse should be ridden.

This has provided fantastic one to one opportunities for open conversations, for students a great experience to pass on their knowledge and interact in a really great way.

At Running Deer there are so many opportunities to share in different activities to enthuse students and encourage in a wealth of learning. I am personally really looking forward to share and help students in new learning experiences.


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