Lets talk about the weather at Running Deer

“If you wanna see a rainbow, you have to have a bit of rain sometimes… ”

I wrote this blog as people often ask me what do we do if it’s really bad weather, knowing that we are outside most of the time.

So what do we do on rainy days here at Running Deer? Brings a whole new meaning to the familiar teacher dread of a rainy day and a class full of kids inside all day climbing the walls with excess energy.

Let’s talk about the weather

The staff at RD pride ourselves in being pretty hardy and only really come inside when it’s necessary. Most if the students choose to come to RD because they like being outside and want to stay out.

We attract staff who have an open-minded attitude to the weather, how could we not? There is the saying, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’, which stands us in good stead for the majority of the time and we can only laugh when even our best clothing lets us down!

The last couple of days brought us storm Brendan and as a new member of staff, an experience of what happens when it’s too windy to be in the woods. As optimistic as we all are here at Running Deer even we couldn’t deny that the high winds it brought with it could be unsafe so unfortunately the school had to close for a day to students.

Tuesday came along with a few hours reprieve in the morning so we came to take advantage while we could, brace the weather and be in school for half a day trying to get back to our routine. The weather can throw everyone off sometimes, the unpredictability, the force and the changes in routine.

Although we are used to getting wet and cold and muddy, for some individuals, the high winds and the noise and imbalance you can feel isn’t pleasant, for others it can be a little scary and then there are the few who want to go out in it and hate to be kept inside.

The staff made sure that those in need of shelter or extra help got it, some students went off site while others spent some time in the classroom cabins together drawing, catching up Asdan work or playing games.

Everyone was made to feel safe and OK and all our young people did very well, getting along with each other, all having a moan about the weather and the circumstances that brought us all closer together. Case workers chatted and made the time pass and the students feel at ease about the storm coming through until it was time to go home.

Whilst changes like this can bring about frustration and disappointment for some, it did bring about some opportunities for conversation and laughter that passed the time until they could go home.

Whilst we love being in the outdoors, we have the utmost respect for the power of nature with safety being a priority and so we will begin again tomorrow now the storm has passed with brighter skies ..and hopefully a rainbow.


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