Making a Mouse Trap at Running Deer CIC

I am regularly amazed at the creativity and ingeniousness of our students, even if it’s not always possible to follow through on their ideas; I also usually find myself learning loads from the projects we do attempt.

Making a Mouse Trap

One rainy afternoon, the student I was working with, (who has a strong interest in making things) came up with the idea of making a mouse trap.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something we would get far with, but a quick look in our SAS survival handbook identified several possibilities and narrowed them down based on availability of materials.

Then using basic materials from the bin and the classroom and the woods (empty water bottle, elastic bands, paper clips, string and a couple of thin hazel sticks) we had a functioning trap in our hands!

After a bit of testing, we adjusted the release mechanism and the tension on the elastic bands that closed the trap, fine tuning it to work best with our materials and he was happy with his work.

He was keen to set it in the main camp and see if it would really work but a colleague brought up the issues of its siting and regular checking. This sparked some discussion about the need for something like this, and our responsibilities to prevent cruelty to animals…. including mice!


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