Meet Harry

Since joining Running Deer, Harry has won the approval of Wulf, the hearts of all the staff, and most importantly, all the youngsters who are in attendance at Running Deer!

Meet Harry

“Harry is a really sweet dog…He’s always so calm…He always brings a smile to everyone’s face…Harry is so cute!”

Harry is an affectionate, comforting and loving addition to the classroom where he spends his day in the dry and warm. He has our youngsters’ best interests at his heart, as he calmly sits, with his quiet demeanour, demonstrating the required atmosphere for learning.

As our youngsters are learning in the classroom, Harry brings companionship. Our youngsters appreciate being able to touch and stroke a friendly animal. This special relationship enhances literacy skills and encourages reading in a relaxed environment, as our youngsters sit, at ease. Harry, as do all our dogs including Wulf, Willow and Herbie, acts as a non-judgemental listener and offers comfort to our youngsters who may be finding their reading difficult or any aspect of their learning stressful.

Dogs have been providing love and reassurance to their owners for centuries. For as long as dogs have been domesticated, there has been evidence of their natural healing abilities over the physically and emotionally convalescent.

The first therapeutic use of dogs can be traced back to ancient Greece, when dogs were employed to lick the wounds of injured human patients. In the 1700s, Quakers brought dogs to some of the earliest treatment centres for the mentally unstable, allowing patients to raise and tend to pets in order to rebuild their social skills.

Later in Europe, Florence Nightingale herself developed early theories on the use of animals in therapy, acknowledging their unique power to heal.

Several studies have been carried out proving that interaction with dogs increases levels of neurotransmitters associated with happiness and bonding, while reducing chemicals associated with distress.

Our youngsters really benefit from this unique experience at Running Deer. They really look forward to their classroom lessons and Harry, really does brighten up their day, giving them a new lease for learning.


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