Meet King our new horse

Meet King our new horse! We had been thinking about finding another horse to join our herd (one bigger than 11hh) to keep Trelawny company as he does get a little fed up being surrounded by naughty ponies every now and again (A ‘hh’ is a method of measuring horses height. one ‘hh’ is 4 inches).

But trying to find another heavy horse that would fit into our herd, and the work that we do is no easy thing. Another shire horse was beyond our budget and many of the cobs are smaller these days – not even making 14hh in some cases.

But then we came across an ad for King – a cob x looking for a new home but the owners were in no rush to sell him as they wanted the right setting for him. Previously a riding school horse, he hasn’t done anything for a couple of years and has just had to deal with the loss of his best friend who had to be put to sleep due to ill health.

Suffolk punch x Comtois

King is 16.1hh and when we looked at his photos he looked like a Suffolk punch x Comtois. Wider than Trelawny he has presence and HUGE feet – even bigger that Trelawny’s!

Its clear that he is still mourning his best friend and is very attached to humans. He has a kind heart but a bit of attitude too.

King arrived on a very hot Thursday, amid tractors turning up to cut the hay and a school visit. Not the quietest introduction to the RD herd. He is still anxious and clingy towards humans but time, patience and acceptance as part of the herd will help him settle. The horse flies were biting mercilessly so we dug out one of Trelawny’s fly rugs with fitted King perfectly…

Having always worked with youngsters before, bringing an experienced horse into the team is a new challenge for us. There is a lot of retraining to be done, and introduction to our ways of working with our horses through partnership and cooperation. He is already barefoot. We will see how he gets on with a bitless bridle when we long line him next week.

Trelawny is not quite sure of King as yet – but then has been surrounded by halflings for some years and is not used to someone of a similar size and formidable presence! We hope that they will buddy up and become good friends.

We will keep you posted on Kings progress.

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