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Did you know that one in eight children under the age of 19 in England have a mental health disorder? Shocking right?

Mental Health

When I was younger I was never really educated on this topic and I guess It was never something I ever really thought about but maybe that’s because I never had to.

I had an amazing childhood, I would be outside playing most of the day coming home with grazes on my knees where I’d fallen off my bike or cuts all up my arm from climbing trees. I had great friends and an even better family….I was lucky!

I’ve come to realise now that these aren’t the kind of childhoods the young people of today are experiencing and it’s such a shame to see. Suddenly the internet took over along with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat which opened these kids up to so many difficult situations such as cyber bullying, stress, addiction, lack of sleep and even allowing them to come across inappropriate content which all lead to having a negative impact on their mental health

We have a few young people here at Running Deer that suffer with their mental health in one way or another and I’m not saying that the internet or social media are completely to blame because I don’t believe that but what I do think is that some of them have had a real lot to deal with that even an adult would struggle with. Running Deer is an amazing school and I love being a part of these young people’s lives, helping them and guiding them through some of their struggles which can sometimes affect them physically and mentally.

When I first started working here I would constantly think that I wasn’t doing a good enough job when some days the students would refuse to go to their lessons or not want to take part in any learning whatsoever. What was I doing so wrong?

But the more I would think about it the more I realised that I wasn’t to do with me at all, some day’s were just bad days for these young people and I just had to accept that they were not in the right frame of mind to learn.

Some people may disagree with me but I don’t think that education should be the most important part of their school day but maybe instead it should be to make them laugh when they don’t feel like smiling or being positive when everything can seem so negative or listening to them when nobody else will.

So no we aren’t professionals counsellors or therapist or even superhero’s…we are just people trying our very best and working hard to help other (smaller) people get through life and preparing them for the big wide world.


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