Mental Health and Working Outdoors

Having worked mainly indoors most of my working life I’ve felt a lack change in my day and an absence of a challenge, seeing the same scenery doing the same tasks.

Working Outdoors and Mental Health

I have struggled with mental health issues since my mid-teens and being indoors has been a large contributing factor.

During this time I have always preferred to be outside…I guess it comes from playing football and other sports where I feel in my element, in control of everything and relaxed.

I started volunteering at Running Deer in May 2018 where I was working a couple of days a week. I couldn’t wait to go and see the change of scenery on route and seeing how it varies day to day and how the season changes in the woodland and surrounding area. Just seeing natural change of the landscape is breath taking.

Since working outdoors my mental and physical health has improved dramatically and In September 2018, following the completion of my training, I was given the chance to become a full-time Case Worker which I am incredibly grateful for.


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