Moving the horses to their new home, Running Deer CIC

Moving the horses

Moving the horses to their new home proved to be challenging but the boys are finally in their winter quarters and permanent new home.

Of course we chose the wettest, windiest day in which to do this. But moving them requires people and vehicles, and a coordinated approach because we walked them the 5 miles, rather than transporting them in the trailer.

There is a simple reason for this – Trelawny will not load. Its not that he is frighted of travelling – he isn’t, more that he simply doesn’t like loading – or refuses to out of stubbornness we are really not sure!

Two of our older students were willing to participate in the move and I just want to say here and now that CG and BT were absolutely brilliant – they were sensible, motivated and focussed. They didn’t complain about being soaked through to the skin, or their boots filling up with water as we waded through large puddle after large puddle to move our 4 legged friends safely to their new home. They took care of their charges and kept them moving even though everyone was tired and wet.

We chose a quiet route along the lanes, although we had to cross one busy road and travel 400 yards along another. For this section we asked Oli for vehicle support to slow down oncoming traffic on a fairly busy moorland road, with Vicky in her high viz bringing up the rear. And then the final hurdle for the horses was passing the yellow dragon that was hiding, ready to pounce, as we passed through a farm with lots of machinery (including a yellow crane).

We made it to the horses new home in an hour and a half (nearly 5 miles) where there is a big barn, with hay waiting for our tired and soggy horses. Having been outside during all the recent storms, to have them under shelter is comforting. Even our hardy moorland ponies were happy be in out of the weather and Trelawny has always preferred being stabled at night during the winter.

The promised fried breakfast for our students CG and BT had to be put on hold because we ran out of time – but they had pasties to compensate and a promise of a big breakfast today before we all head back over to the barn.

Today we will be clearing vegetation and will take the horses out for a short walk to make sure they are not too stiff from their travels.

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