Mud and snow at Running Deer CIC in Devon

Working outside can be a real challenge sometimes beginning with considering what to wear and how many extra layers to pack in my rucksack, waterproofs and walking boots are a must whatever the forecast as Dartmoor seems to have its own weather system and the terrain can be difficult.

As long as I’m well wrapped up I really don’t miss working inside and there is always something new to see and explore but I most enjoy being inspired by the environment to create something new, this summer I have rediscovered the joy of making mud (it used to keep me busy for hours when I was young) and even managed to sculpt a version of the Green Man on to a tree including hazelnut shells and moss for his features.

Back in March the weather was very different from the long hot summer but the snow provided some great opportunities for both staff and students to get creative and along with my snow dog there was an enormous snowman (taller than the sculptor!), a Dalek and a snow Wulf.


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