My Biggest Achievement

Recently during one of our monthly supervision sessions I was asked what my biggest achievement had been since starting work at Running Deer. I found that nothing immediately sprang to mind and I asked to answer the question later; but I was still unable to answer.

My Biggest Achievement

Nearly a week has passed and I have often thought about why I found the question so difficult, so here I will try to explain why.

Working at Running Deer can be challenging, stressful and tense but also satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling. Each day is so different from the last; one day you might be going for a walk or swimming with your student, the next you may be trying to encourage the child to engage in learning.

However every day comes with obstacles that need to be overcome; there are days when you and the student you are working with are able to achieve many small wins and others none at all. I find that some days lots of smaller tasks can be accomplished quite quickly and for me this can be incredibly rewarding.

These small achievements are scattered throughout the days and weeks, not one being more important than the next. It could be enabling a child to finish a piece of work, start a piece of work or sign the internet user agreement.

I think this is why I found it difficult to answer the question, because each day there is so much potential for your next achievement to be the ‘biggest’. The best part of thinking about this is remembering all of the things that the fantastic children do achieve.

Having written all of this I would say that I feel privileged to be a part of all of the highs and lows that the children go through, I have not one big achievement but many smaller ones which are so important in both mine and the student’s day to day lives.


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