My job at Running Deer CIC is far from boring

A lot of people would describe their job as boring, a routine or even a chore but fortunately that’s not the case for me. As someone who loves spending time outdoors and having spent many years working with children, Running Deer was the perfect opportunity for me to develop new skills and a chance to challenge my own abilities and lets be honest who wouldn’t want to spend everyday outdoors in the woods?

So when I tell people about my job the most common question I get asked is “what does that involve?” Well let me tell you…

My job is far from boring

I get to work with the most amazing young people everyday, getting to know their individual personalities and needs which allows me to support their learning and help them to develop and grow each day.

Everything from project based learning to rural skills to bone hunting on the moors are just some of the things that the students of Running deer get to participate in along with structured one to one lessons with our amazing and qualified teachers.

There are days where some of our students will struggle to settle into camp life therefore we have a few fury friends on site to help with that, the children ( and the adults of course) especially love to be greeted with a cuddle from the dogs before starting the day…some say it helps them to relax and focus more. On the other hand a couple of our young people prefer to start the morning by visiting the horses.

Over the past month since I started working here at Running Deer I have learnt so many new things that most people never get the chance to experience so I feel extremely lucky to be part of what feels like a second family to me and being able to make even a small difference in these young people’s lives is something that I know is going to stick with me forever.


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