Off-site Days at Running Deer School

One of the many amazing things about Running Deer School is the opportunity to explore the wider community by venturing out on off-site days. This might be going swimming, going to the beach, or simply going for a walk outside of Running Deer.

Off-site Days

Every off-site day is an adventure and always a lot of fun. Often the children can have a think about where they would like to visit, depending on what they are currently learning or maybe a project that they are thinking about pursuing.

I am always keen to hear about the students’ days out if I haven’t gone with them; they always seem to return to school refreshed and with many stories to tell about their educational day out.

It is really exciting to see how beneficial it is for the students to have a change of scenery and to learn about our local area and beyond. I have really enjoyed learning all about the different skills that the students have outside of school. Off-site days and new environments encourage socialisation out of school and strengthen the students’ ability to explore and question, to learn new things and to come up with their own ideas.

I am always enthusiastic to learn from the students about the places that they enjoy visiting and as a Case Worker I am always amazed at the students’ memories!

What may have been a tiny part of our day often sticks in the students minds and can come up in conversation for days and even weeks afterwards. Off-site days often spark a part of the student’s imagination and can encourage them to think differently. Off-site days can also often lead to a new idea or a project being developed.

I feel so lucky to work in such a creative, user led environment that captures the imagination and spontaneity of thought in our students and am always looking forward to what brand new adventures may lie ahead!


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