One camp or two? Running Deer CIC

So here we are back in Butterdon wood and everything is different. Main camp is no more and there are more new faces than you can believe! What on earth is going on at Running Deer?

One camp or two?

Well it’s not a hostile takeover but part of grand plan to adapt and improve our way of working. So over the summer, while there were no students at Butterdon, a plan to create a second camp for the older students was hatched. The idea behind this was to give the increasing number of students in year 10 and year 11 a separate camp and some space to be able to relax and interact without the lively and sometimes noisy distraction of the younger students.

Combining this with a massive influx of new staff (2 full time teachers and 4 full time caseworkers) gave the necessary manpower to get the work done with a fresh burst of energy. A site was chosen and a path made to it, then a rethink was had and a new site was chosen (possibly more than once). However with the location finalised, trees were felled and removed, the ground was levelled and cleared and a new fire altar was created. A new tent was put up and lo and behold the camp was ready.

As with all these things there are still a few bits and pieces that need doing to finish it completely but Trelawny camp as it is known is working well and Wulf camp is what the old main camp is known as now (where the younger students are based).

This was obviously quite an adjustment for the students (never mind having to get to know the new staff too) but everyone seems to have settled into the new system. There have been a few complaints that Trelawny camp is up a steep hill but I think it’s mainly the staff that are getting out of breath (and most of them are under 40 anyway so they’ll just have to deal with it).

Onwards and upwards!


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