Our new minibus, Running Deer CIC

For the last few years we have been using our trusty Land Rover Defender – Egor to transport people around, off road and on road.  At 20 years old our ever faithful truck has let us down a few times, gearbox, clutch, transfer box… but being a Land Rover it has always been fixable. Even with regular servicing and maintenance a 4×4 isn’t really built for the work that Egor has been doing.

Egor has been our branded flagship vehicle and will remain so… but the time had come for us to look at our transport needs and what would be best for reliability and our passengers, with comfortable seats, no leaky sunroof, a heater and radio that works!

Ford Tourneo minibus

Looking at our options we decided that a lease vehicle would be the best route to take and started looking at a 9 seat (8 passenger) vehicle to suit our needs and decided that a Ford Tourneo would be ideal. We took delivery of our Ford Torneo named Yogi in January and what a difference it has made!

Having kitted it out with seat covers and rubber floor mats to protect the vehicle from mud, dog prints and wet clothing Yogi is transporting people in comfort! And with a heated windscreen and seats, reversing sensors and a little arrow on the dash that tells you when to change gear we realise how basic the Land Rover Defender really is.

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