Project Trout, Running Deer take a vist to Hatchlands Trout Farm in South Brent

There has been great excitement in the woods this week, as Project Trout has finally been completed. Project Trout has been a term long project where a student has caught trout, and cooked for the group. Fantastic research and preparation, has been put into the project.

A trip to Hatchlands Trout Farm, South Brent

We took a trip to Hatchlands Trout Farm, South Brent to catch our trout. After careful research we decided on fishing at Hatchlands Trout Farm as they maintain their waters in as natural a state as possible. This creates an environment which is rich in insect life, helping the fish they stocked to quickly adapt to their new feeding grounds.

Hatchlands is set in 16 acres of a picturesque valley, fed by the River Harbourne.

Project Trout

Project Trout has taken into account many aspects of the curriculum, English and Maths for budgeting, ratios of ingredients, and the written work. PE for the physical aspects, PSHE is included when sharing with the group and animal biology in preparing the fish for cooking on the Running Deer campfire.

Campfire cooking can be challenging, but the fish was cooked beautifully, wrapped in foil and best of all flavoured with our very own foraged wild garlic from Butterdon woods.

Well done to JM, the fishing was great fun, and three great sized trout were caught…and eaten.


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