Classroom re-vamp at Running Deer School

While teaching staff have been sunning themselves, the caseworkers at Running Deer School have been working hard to revamp and restyle the teaching spaces. We now have two dedicated rooms where the young people can access their core subject learning as well as as GCSEs in History and Psychology.

We also have two new teachers, Claire and me…Nick.

Classroom re-vamp at Running Deer School

The classrooms have been nicknamed the “blue room” and the “green room”. Claire is currently working out of the blue room and I am working out of the green room.

These changes have meant we can offer a more welcoming and engaging space for our learners. This has seen the young people come back to school with a new zest for learning, soaking up all the knowledge and skills.

The new teaching staff have had an amazing time settling in with the fantastic young people. Claire has also introduced Harry, her west highland terrier dog that helps easy transitions and supports young people who may be wanting a bit of extra support in lessons. This has helped some people settle back into the routine of Running Deer after a summer away.

On the whole, the young people have responded positively to these changes in the teaching rooms and lessons are now offered in a setting which matches the excitement and vigour of the woods. It has given us a real chance to push forward with developing young peoples learning and to develop their ability and skills to learn and access lessons.

Jon is now offering GCSE Art and an ASDAN art to two of our most creative students. This specialist instruction has seen them create some amazing work, even at this early stage of the term.

All of the teaching are really excited and enthused about the coming year and the outcomes we can encourage these amazing young people towards achieving everything that will be offered in this academic year.


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