There Are No Outsiders at Running Deer CIC

There are No Outsiders at Running Deer CIC

There are No Outsiders at Running Deer CIC. Inspired by, and drawing on, Andrew Moffat’s brilliant work in the West Midlands, Running Deer CIC are developing our own version of the ‘No Outsiders’ equality and diversity project.

‘No Outsiders’ is a whole school focus on the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010, and aims to help students and staff to understand how and where inequality arises and look at our own responsibilities to remove discrimination and promote respect and understanding.

No Outsiders: No one is the same, but everyone is equal

We started with a whole staff training day during the Easter holidays, looking at equality and diversity, privilege and intersectionality, and considering issues around challenging others’ preconcieved ideas. The next step is now rolling out fortnightly lessons to students.

The Primary and Year 7 students will be using adapted versions of the original ‘No Outsiders’ lesson plans, because we work one to one rather than in classes, using story books to help to understand key themes.

Our older students will be having lessons which have been developed from plans produced by groups such as Amnesty International, following the same broad themes as the younger students.

We will also be inviting guests into school to help us better understand different cultures and backgrounds, as well as those reflected in the school community.

“Everyone is an insider, no matter their beliefs, whatever their colour, gender or sexuality”

( Desmond Tutu, 2004 )

More information about Andrew Moffat’s work can be found here:

We are excited and looking forward to promoting the ‘No Outsiders’ message, working together with staff and students, helping to improve lives at Running Deer CIC.


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