Time Capsule

Good morning from Butterdon woods. I wanted to write a blog letting you know about an important community project that we’re doing here at Running Deer.

Time Capsule

It’s strange times that we are living in and the lockdown in 2020, will go down in the history books.

This is why at school, before the end of term students and staff will be all contributing to a time capsule community project. This will mark for future generations what it’s like for our children in these times, and to reflect on our thoughts and feelings.

Lockdown, and the changes implemented because of Covid-19 have been difficult, and at Running Deer we are coming together day after day to support students, and each other’s wellbeing. I regularly see the passionate and caring members of the team looking out for others.

I look forward to seeing what the students and staff have contributed.

Stay safe


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