We don’t get Board at Running Deer School

With 16 acres of land our students at Running Deer have a wide range of activities to partake in, alongside their timetabled curricular lessons and ASDAN qualifications.

With Horses, bushcraft, metal detecting and den building some of the available options. Sometimes though, students may not want to do these activities, or may be driven inside by the typical British weather of wind and rain, this is where Running Deers vast range of board and card games can provide some relief.

We don’t get Board!

A few examples of games available to the students include classics such as UNO, Battleships, Draughts,Dominoes and Top Trumps, alongside the perhaps lesser known game of Exploding Kittens!

Whilst these games can be enjoyable for both staff and students to play, they provide far more benefits than just this.

Due to the varying needs of our students they can struggle in a wide range of situations which many others may find easy. I have seen first hand how these games can provide a distraction and safe environment for the students to ground themselves in, allowing them to regain focus for their next activity.

These games also provide students a chance to work on further skills such as Maths, English, Critical thinking and Strategy whilst also allowing them to develop their social skills when playing with other students who may or may not have similar interests – it allows them to find common ground and further build bonds to improve their school experience and develop important skills for later life.

More than once I have been rebuked by students for “tricking them into learning” but I know they enjoy it really and especially enjoy beating their hapless caseworkers at a wide range of games.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and gaining a further small insight into the runnings of Running Deer.


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