Wellbeing, Running Deer

It is clear and well known that the outdoors is a miraculous support for mental health and wellbeing.

Nature helps us to notice what is around us without the constant distractions of screens and technology. It helps us to feel focused and to remember that nature needs our care and respect.

Nature reminds us that we all matter, and we all have a place in the world.


Running Deer facilitates an education in which students can think for themselves and learn to be autonomous in their views and their ideas. The opportunity to develop a strong sense of independence and confidence in our abilities is essential for our wellbeing.

The students at Running Deer develop projects on their interests and what they would like to learn about. It is so important for our happiness and our wellbeing to do what we enjoy!

Everyone works together to think about and discuss ways in which the chosen project can be connected to the National Curriculum and how it can be brought to life. Thinking differently is valued at Running Deer which creates a safe space for the deepest and most meaningful ideas.

If something doesn’t go right the first time, the students are encouraged to think about a different way to problem-solve.

Running Deer celebrates difference and encourages creativity, resilience and freedom of choice and expression. It promotes an environment in which adults and children can learn from each other. Learning experiences are shared and mistakes are a fantastic opportunity to think in a different way.

Every day is different at Running Deer and is full of opportunity and potential.

Running Deer encourages us all to be curious, to question and to think of new ideas. To have the chance and the tools to succeed is so beneficial for our wellbeing; to understand that we are strong and that we all have a voice to be listened to!


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