What do I miss?

Working from home does have some benefits but this blog is about all the things I miss!

What do I miss?

The setting of Butterdon woods is hard not to miss; peaceful, idyllic, and beautifully set amongst rolling hills. I am lucky enough to live nearby lots of beauty spots, so this is not at the top of my list. The top spot is reserved for the people that you will often find, working learning and playing within the woods.

I miss all of the fun, jokes, banter and energy from the staff and young people, I miss playing UNO, football or clap catch no matter what the weather. I miss the eye rolls and the “mhm’s”, I miss the man bun; is it style or just laziness, I don’t know but I miss it all the same. I miss being in a group of people where my forehead is not the biggest in spite of popular opinion, I miss smelling like smoke from the camp fires and getting muddy from all of our adventures and games. I miss everything being awesome at 9 and 3:30 and I miss the challenges that we all face each day, the weather, the emotions, the behaviours and the great ideas that the young people come up with for their project-based learning that we all strive to make a reality. I miss the mature gentleman that loves cake and I miss the campfire cooked food that is often shared amongst the group. I miss taking a healthy lunch and feeling content and not having the temptation to eat a whole packet of bourbons that I just bought for my children.

I am lucky to still be in contact with a number of the young people and have had the privilege of meeting a number of cool dogs and a massive rat, it has been great to catch up and see how everyone is doing.

Our staff chat group is great but it’s just not the same as being there in person, I am looking forward to getting back into the woods and seeing all of those lockdown haircuts and being a proactive part of something that I believe is so worthwhile.


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