What is a Case Worker?

What is a Case Worker and what do they do at Running Deer School? Are they human? Maybe…

Is their skin weather resistant? You’d hope so for their sake.

Do they run on tea, coffee, cake and biscuits? Yes. Also fruit pastels (and jelly tots if it’s me)

Is it the combination of mud and rain that keeps them all looking so youthful? Definitely!

What do they actually do? That’s a hard question as they do so much! So sit back, relax and enjoy reading this account of;

A day in the life of Aiden

An epic story of life as a Case Worker at Running Deer School.

8.30am : Bus arrival

Certain staff members travel in using the minibus as one of Running Deer School’s ways of reducing the number of cars disrupting the land and helping with sustainability.

9am : Arrival at work

On arrival a majority of the staff will congregate towards Wulf Camp with a tea or coffee. This is a chance for staff to triple check the rota and look at student timetables – you’re likely to hear the question, ‘can somebody please check the rota’ multiple times (we are a forgetful bunch). If we’re lucky our Pastoral lead Adam (often referred to as fruit pastel lead) will produce some sweets which last approximately 3 minutes.

9.05 – 9.15am : Staff briefing

Usually Rachel or Jo will appear and tell the case workers any useful news regarding students, timetables and anything else we may need to know. Again you’ll probably hear ‘can someone please check the rota’

9.30am : Student arrival

Usually the students arrival order is led by either QCP or JM with the trusty gate monitor Brandon ready to beckon them in as they arrive.

9.30am – 15.00pm : School day

I’ll be honest and say too much happens throughout the day to write all about it here! As caseworkers we have a lot to do though, including;
Emotional curriculum
Cover work left by teachers
No outsiders curriculum
Bushcraft and woodwork
Physical Education
Lego club
Offsite days
Working with the horses

With these timetabled activities we aim to provide a safe, nurturing and trusting environment to our students. We want to foster professional personal relationships, where we can be a person students know they can speak too about their issues and we will do our best to help them.

15.00pm – 16.00pm : Staff time

This is a mixture of activities.
It’s a chance for a drink (and a chance to eat lunch if you’ve had a busy day).
I’ll complete a journey log for the student I’ve been working with and return my radio alongside any tools I’ve been using.
Just as the day started, by about 15.30pm all the staff will be in Wulf camp to discuss the day. There may be some more important news for us and It’s a chance for to relate any issues we may have and discuss solutions to these issues as one team, providing fresh perspectives and ideas.
Most importantly there might be cake!
(If any readers want to donate a cake, a vegan friendly one would be lovely)

16.00 : Home time

Whilst I have been asked whether we sleep in the woods, we do in fact have houses, so its back in the bus to go home!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading. You can find out more about becoming a Case Worker at Running Deer and how to apply on our vacancies page.


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