Where does the time and vision go?

As Christmas approaches, I find myself reflecting on our Autumn Term, with its plethora of positive changes for Running Deer, in line with its Vision, which we have all embraced and accepted in our own way.

Where does the time and Vision go?

Our Running Deer family are the most giving and the most deserving family that I have ever had. As a relatively new member of the family, I feel privileged to be involved in striving towards its Vision and at this festive, ‘giving’ time of year, I would like to ‘give’ my appreciation to our Running Deer family and all their achievements towards its Vision.

Running Deer Prospectus

Running Deer Vision

Thank you Adam, Vicky, Aiden, CJ, Craig, Dan, Dave, Julie, Keir and Savannah, for your professionalism, mutual respect, support and not forgetting your cheery spirits on those cold mornings. Most importantly, thank you for encouraging all our youngsters for “a love of learning through play, practical learning linked to personal and academic achievement” (Vision: Objective 1)

Thank you Chris and Rach, for your empathetic ears (and laughs) during the morning staff meetings around the campfire and the debriefing at the end of each day. It is clear to see that each member of our Running Deer family truly appreciates all that you do for them, including how “to develop leadership and life skills that will equip students for life as an adult” (Vision: Objective 2)

Our youngsters continue to take everything in their stride, testimony of just how independent and adaptable they are becoming, as they progress on their journey. Thank you so much, to all our youngsters. Without you, I would remain unfulfilled, still searching for my dream job, so my biggest thanks go to you, for making it happen. I am living the dream. Each day, I love to hear about how you are continuing to “learn about respect for self, for others, for the environment” (Vision: Objective 2)

Thank you Brandon, for all your hard work as an apprentice at Running Deer (and for helping me to close the window every day!) Your achievements as an apprentice, following on from being a student, are a true example of how Running Deer helps in “reducing barriers to learning and supporting our students to develop social and emotional resilience” (Vision: Objective 2)

Thank you to our Running Deer canines, Wulf, Willow, Max, Herbie and Harry, for offering your endless energy, love, comfort and companionship to all our family at Running Deer. You encourage our youngsters to “develop trusting relationships” (Vision: Objective 2)

Thank you to our Equine Team, Trelawny, King, Cisco, Mario, Tom and Tim, for having such a positive impact on our youngsters. You help to “empower students to achieve their potential through practical learning based outdoors” (Vision: Objective 2)

Thank you Oli, for your patience in trying to network Running Deer in Rural Businesses. You manage to keep everyone and everything together, every day. You work so hard to “establish closer ties between parents, students and our school” in a modern world, via The Woods! (Vision: Objective 3)

Thank you Anna and Jo, for attending The Regional Rural Business Awards and returning as WINNERS! Congratulations on being “celebrated as a school and alternative provider that is environmentally responsible and has a positive impact on the Dartmoor community.”

Thank you Jo for setting up Running Deer 8 years ago and for giving me the opportunity to work for Running Deer School.” (Vision: Objective 4)

Thank you to my Dream Team of Teachers: Nick, Ellie and Jon. I honestly think that you are the most genuine and down to earth colleagues that I could have wished for and I would not swap you for the world. We all work hard “to be holistic in our approach to every activity and academic subject, to be child centred in our approach” (Vision: Objective 4)

Thank you Christian, for getting on with all things behind the scenes. You never refuse a task. You always reassure me… “I may not be able to do it straight away but I WILL get it done for you…” Thank you, for being you and for helping “to run the school as part of the Community Interest Company which is a not for profit social enterprise” (Vision: Objective 5)

In line with the Core Objectives at Running Deer, my personal wish for 2020 is to continue to trust in the Vision of Running Deer and to continue “to inspire students to achieve success both in their social, emotional and behavioural development and to achieve academic success where possible” (Vision: Core Objectives)

Good people deserve good things.

I hope Father Christmas brings our Running Deer family everything that they deserve and here is Ho! Ho! Ho–ping that 2020 can be full of even more achievements. MERRY CHRISTMAS RUNNING DEER!


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