Introducing Herbie, Running Deer CIC

Working at Running Deer

You know you work at Running Deer when:

  • You like cake and other baked products
  • You find wood chips, twigs and dead woodlice in the shower
  • You get excited/jealous when a colleague gets a new knife/axe or other outdoor kit
  • You spend your money on new knife/axe or other outdoor kit
  • Cake makes everything better
  • You spend all day outdoors
  • You plan how to spend your time off in the outdoors when not at Running Deer
  • Bag and shoe shopping means going to Taunton Leisure/Go Outdoors/Cotswolds
  • Getting a quick coffee involves getting a fire going first
  • You get excited when someone brings in cake

What you need to have to work at Running Deer

In my opinion, to work at Running Deer you need to have:

  • A sense of humour
  • Be able to poke fun at yourself
  • Treat everyone as equals; staff, students and animals
  • Have imagination, resilience (physically, mentally and emotionally)
  • Be able to do risk assessments (prior and dynamic)
  • Be able to learn alongside the students, learning is a lifelong process
  • Be happy to get yours hands and everything else muddy
  • Have safety at the heart of what you do but still push outside comfort zones.


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