Working from home

So, what is everyone doing during these strange times? For us here at Running Deer we have been asked to work from home doing some extra training; my workload so far has consisted of attachment, equality and equity and inclusive education.

I find this a great way to spend time and its also rewarding as it increases our knowledge, which will undoubtedly help when we are back in the woods.

We are also able to share stories and messages with our students through a You Tube channel which I’m sure will be lots of fun going forward. I know that Rachael is delivering lessons via zoom (through the computer!).

And as a team we are in daily communication via email and WhatsApp so we can see what each other is up to and share important news.

Working from home

Being at home with my children is also nice, but as other parents know this can also be challenging. I try to recreate some form of structure in my day, as I find this works best for me, I make lists of tasks that I want to complete, and I do the same for my children.

I feel that the freedom of when they learn, takes the pressure off a bit and it doesn’t have to be done between 9 and 3, reading at bed time for example.

For me the most important thing is being there and listening to them, my children seem a little unsure about all the changes and my youngest often wants to be close to either myself or my wife and its rewarding to be there when she needs me.

During these uncertain and rapidly changing times it is always important to remember that you are not alone. In this case you really aren’t, although some of your circumstances are unique to you, many people are facing some of the other challenges that the ‘lockdown’ has brought.

Exercise is a fantastic way to increase mood and I always find that when I am trying to achieve something, I forget about some of the other things going on (like the fact the coffee is running low!). So if you can, start a project, write a story, make an exercise plan, do something you enjoy and push yourself a little.

Eat healthy, try to exercise, get some fresh air and stay safe everyone and I look forward to being back in the woods with all the staff and students soon.


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