Heavy Horse Experience

Working with Heavy Horses

Meet our gentle giant Trelawny!

Book a Heavy Horse Experience with Running Deer! Spending time with a heavy horse is a wonderful experience.  Their gentleness and generosity will fill you with an enormous sense of calm and understanding. 

We are offering you the opportunity to spend the day with Trelawny, a 19h Shire horse. 

Trelawny is 12 years old and has been part of the Running Deer team since its inception and has been working with young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and armed service veterans with PTSD with great success.

Heavy Horse Experience

Spend a day leaning about Shire horses.

Meet our gentle giant Trelawny… who loves nothing more than being fussed over by visitors!

The Shire horse is on the rare breed register “at risk”.

These beautiful heavy horses have carried knights into battle, and were essential to the farm before the introduction of steam engines and tractors.

The largest of the draught horses, Shire stands over 17hh and can weigh over a tonne.

Our experience day will give you the opportunity to meet this gentle giant…

  • Learn about the basic care of a heavy horse.
  • How to harness a heavy horse.
  • Long reining heavy horses.

Having learnt the basics you will have the opportunity to long rein Trelawny! You will also enjoy a bushtucker lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Spend a day with Trelawny and take home memories of a great experience of working with heavy horses and plenty of photographs.

Heavy Horse experience days are available for groups of up to 6 and are suitable for 8 years and upwards.

Weekdays only, as our animals need the weekend off too!

Horse Experience

Learn to work with heavy horses.
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